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Former Member
Sep 15, 2005 at 03:50 PM

Workflows : Rule Problem



I got a tricky problem in Rules. I created a rule and tested it thoroughly.It's working perfect. We transported the request. And in production also, it is working fine. But suddenly yesterday, we got some peculiar issue. The rule is returning a different value which is not related to the logic itself. Immediately I tested my rule manually, but I got the expected result which is different from the achieved result. I dont know how the pecularity comes. Why the results are different in these cases? When I simulate the rule manually the result is perfect, but when the rule is runned through Workflows, the result is wrong sometimes.

Why is the difference in behavior. And that too, this difference exists only for few times. It's troubling in all the cases. Sometimes the rule is working perfect. Sometimes, it is not working as expected.

There is no problem with Business Logic. And in fact I checked with the Binding also. There is no problem with Binding too.

Can anyone help me out?


Raja Sekhar