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Jul 19, 2013 at 08:22 AM

Capturing IDOC Fallout


Hello All,

I have got a small query / question.

Initially i had posted this quesry in ERP Financials (, but was not helpful, then one of my colleuge sugested me that this is mostly related to ABAP, hence have posted it here again.

I have to make to a report , which will give the details of all the Inbound IDOCS, that fall out during the transfer due to invalid cost center, gl etc, or in short due to any mismatch. I did go through few of the threads , searching , if there is any Standard SAP report for the same and also did find out a response. and also a way , where in a mail will also be triggered to a generic mailbox , stating the fallout with reason(s) and at this juncture i also want another report which should capture the IDOC details , reason of fallout and this information must come out as a report on a daily basis, when it is executed.

Kindly suggest if this is possible, the way i am thinking or it cannot be done.

Findings: 1 - No standard report exist to find out fallout IDOCS and its reasons

2 - Standard Report RSEIDOCA can be used as a base to monitor, and even BD*& can be used to reprocess fallout IDOCS

3 - A program can be written to trigger a mail, when fallout occurs ( )

Questions : 1 - Report / program to capture information from mail(s) , that are triggered due to fall out and present the same as a report on a daily basis when executed.

Outcome : Better tracking of the fallouts and expedite the process on working on them and can also help in reconciliation to the number of mails received for fallouts to that produced in the report.

Thanks in advance,