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Jul 19, 2013 at 12:52 AM

MRP - Calc of Distribution in Order qty


Hi Experts,

Need your help to understand distribution in order qty.

For bulk materials we are creating order for 10,000 kg qty & in the recipe operation we have defined base qty as 1000 kg that means we are producing 1000 kg material daily. In the production version distribution key we have define ZXYI which says eual distribution.

Considering above master data we are expecting order to run for 10 days and produce 1000 kg each days. So in MD04 it should saw 1000 kg against each day...If it start on July 20 then it should end on July 29 & 1000 kg each day. But wondering it saws 9500 kg in MD04 for each days.

I'm struggeling to find from where & how it calculates 9500kg. Please note we have 100% capacity running 24 x 7. There is tolerance %.

Input appreciated.