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Jul 18, 2013 at 07:35 PM

Date issue with Webi Report


I am trying to put a filter in my Webi report to capture last 90 days and struggling.

I am on Business Object 3.1 and have built a universe using ODBC to connect to my ECC R3 system. I'm using a table called VBAK and the field ERDAT (creation date). In Universe the properties of this object says "Character" and when I display the values I get YYYYMMDD which I had assumed it was a string BUT that is not the case, because I can wrap a DATEADD function on it and it will give me results. I'm trying to get the data type to match the 2 date objects I have created in my Universe. Those are: I have an object "Current Day" I used GETDATE() for that THEN I created another object called "90 days ago" I used DATEADD(DAY, -90, GetDate()). The format in the Universe when I view both of these LOV's look to be in a DATETIME format but in the Webi is shows as a MM/DD/YY.

So I'm trying to get all data types to work together so I can use my 2 new objects in the "create date" filter in my Webi report.