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Jul 18, 2013 at 09:17 PM

Rounding Profile not recognized when added on info record



I've searched the forums but havent found a viable answer yet... I configured a rounding profile to round to 100 when qty is over 1... When I assign this value on the material master, generate demand for 11 and run MRP, this profile is recongized and the SA release is listed at 100.

However, when I remove this from the material master and add it on the inforecord and run through the same process, the SA release is set to 11, not 100. I cant seem to figure out what the data is not being recongized on the info record. The validately periods all match, and source list is setup ...

I'm trying to determine if there is some custom development preventing this, but wanted to check to make sure there isnt another setting or config item I'm missing. I know for planned delivery time, there is a setting to take data from inforecord vs material master, but dont see anything on rounding profile.

Any ideas?