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Jul 18, 2013 at 07:24 PM

Using Transaction ABST2


Dear Experts,

I would solicit thoughts and suggestions from the group here on the below scenario:

We converted our assets with Key date 5/2013. The GL balances were loaded with posting date of 5/31/2013.

When I execute ABST2, some of the accounts are depicted with two lines, as below

Account Number Document number Posting period Fiscal Year 1st LC Balance- General Ledger 1st LC Balance- Subledger 1st LC Delta GL/Subledger xx W004 0 2013 0.00 2,301,373.57 2,301,373.57 xx W004 999 2013 2,316,904.87 15,531.30 -2,301,373.57

I understand why period 0 is showing 0 for GL and a value for FA. I also understand why 999 is showing those values. On a gross total basis, the totals in FA = total in GL, and that is good. I believe that is the reason why Document number shows a value W004.

My question is - During a mid year conversion, there would be a difference depicted in ABST2. Is there any further steps that SAP recommends we should do, or is it OK to have ABST2 reconciled on the key date.

I have gone through many SAP Notes but none seem to focus on mid year conversions.

Thank you for your help