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Jul 18, 2013 at 05:15 PM

Triggering multiple license types within a single legal regulation


Greetings GTS Gurus,

We are on GTS 10.0, and I am trying to implement Brazilian ANVISA licensing in a single legal regulation. There are 3 potential licenses types that a single sales order item can trigger. They are AE (special permit), AFE (company operating permit), and LF (local operating license). For a single company / product combination, none, one, two, or three of the license types can be triggered. The goal is to keep the sales order on block until all required licenses have been assigned.

To classify products, I am using the control grouping to specify one of three groups. To classify customers, I have co-opted the military/civilian usage field and added several more values (for example, hospital, pharmacy, etc.). Unfortunately, there is no customer group for determination strategies. In the actual maintenance of the determination strategy, I trigger the 3 license types depending on the control grouping, the country, and the control class (ECCN). I use several exempt license types with certain military/civilian usage values to eliminate those license types I don't want to trigger.

The issue I am running up against is that once the determination strategy finds a valid license, it stops and does not check for any more license types. Also, once a single valid license has been assigned, the sales order item goes off of block even though 2 or more licenses are required. I have tried creating a three sequence determination procedure, where each sequence picks a single license type. And I have tried combining all license types in a single sequence step. I know that I can create three legal regulations to perform this, but the user community has said nay to this because of the overhead associated with having 3 legal regulations (classification and authorization). So far nothing I have tried has gotten me what I wanted.

So my question is, Is there a way to trigger more than one license type within a single legal regulation?

- Mike