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Jul 18, 2013 at 05:10 PM

Beginner Help With GUI Script To Save File Automatically


Hello all,

I'm so excited this morning after discovering that SAP had this powerful scripting capability this whole time and I had no idea. I've been playing around with it this morning and see so many possibilities. But I'm definitely new with it, and need some quick help.

One thing I need to do is run a transaction and have it output as a file saved on a shared drive automatically. This could be whether local file or opening it as a spreadsheet and saving it. But starting with the latter, I've gotten SAP to run the transaction and open the spreadsheet, but that is where it ends. How do I make the script then save that file with a given name and path automatically? From there, I could get the script to run at predetermined times, and then the output file would be available to use by others when they need it. Any help with this seemingly simple initial step would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much in advance!