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Jul 18, 2013 at 04:02 PM

SAP EHS Waste Management integrated with DG



1. What are the steps involved in SAP EHS Waste Management?

2.For the classification and transport of Hazardous waste, what are the processes/steps involved in SAP EHS:Waste Management and SAP EHS:DG?

3. What master data needs to be maintained?

4. Do we need a content provider for the Waste Management module? What specification type/category does waste management take? Is Substance database (Real_Sub) also necessary?

5. Typically what regulatory content does Waste Management have? what could be the value assignment types for example?

6. Does SERC provide regulatory requirements in all areas - Product Safety (MSDS), DG, Waste Management?

7.How does Waste Management integrate with Warehouse Management? Is there an end-to-end process?

As is the case sometimes, some of these questions might be redundant. A custom query in the forum did not yield answers to some of the specific questions I have mentioned. As always, I would really appreciate your help and inputs here!

Thank you,