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Jul 18, 2013 at 11:32 AM

Objective setting appraisal queries


Hello Experts,

We are on EHP6 level.

Please bear to read this as I have tried to explain in detail, so it has become little bit long.

The appraisal process is as below:-

Participants are:- Appraisee, Appraiser 1, Appraiser 2, Reviewer (Further Participants). Here I am using "Multiple apprasiers allowed" option in the "processing tab".

Flows:- A. Planning Phase->Appraisee fills objectves->Appraiser1 approve or reject->If approved, then goes to Appraiser2->Reviewer

B. Review Phase-> Same flow as the Planning phase. If any chnages required then the same updated.

C. In Process Phase-> Ratings given by appraiser-> Then it passes to all other particpants in the same way, but all other particiants don't give any ratings. They give their commets only.

Appraisee can't see the ratings now.

D. Then through normalization process, ratings are decided externally. These ratings are to be filled in all the appraisal documents in the Final Appraisal (FAPP) column through some upload program, which can be viewed by the employee & then the employee has to accept it.

E. After the same is over the ratings are to be sent to Compensation Mgt.


1. In some cases there may not be appraiser2. So can I use the same appraisal template for the cases where there can be 1 apprasier & 2 apprasiers also? In my previous project, I had used 2 separate appraisal forms for single appraiser & dual apprasiers. I don't know if the process was correct.

Can it be like this that, when the appraiser1 send it further, then 1st it will check if appraiser2 is there in the form, if no then it will directly send it to the Reviewer.

2. How to deal with the time gap between the Planning phase, Review Phase & In Process Phase. Planning phase starts in the month of April, Review phase after 6 months & In process phase in March. It means once the form goes from In Planning to Review phase, the form will be open with the appraisee for review phase, but actullay it should be open after 6 months. In my last project I had created a substatus called "With HR". So when 1 phases completes, the form was with the HR & later the HR used to chnage the status to In Review pahse through tcode PHAP_ADMIN.

3. How can I upload the appraisal ratings in the FAPP column through a upload program?

4. How to integrate Comp Mgt & send the ratings to Comp Mgt?

5. What is the use of the other statuses like approved, closed approved, etc.?

Plese help.