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Jul 17, 2013 at 03:57 PM

Making Key figure Authorization relevant in Analysis Authorization



I want to make restriction on Key figure in analysis authorization. Please suggest how I can do that. I have made 0TCAKYFNM as auth. When I add 0TCAKYFNM this to analysis authorization it gives me option to select key figures. Can we restrict key figures on values like we do in characteristcs. Suppose I have characterstics 0COMP_CODE, I can add this to AA and put values for restriction. Can I do same with key figure. Can I add say key figure SALARY to AA?

Also please advice if I restrict on Key figure what things would be restricted on query? if user does not have authorization to a key figure say SALARY, will user not able to see coloum salary in the report? or will user get a authorization error?

I am new to it. Your contribution would be highly appreciated.