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Jul 17, 2013 at 03:57 PM

Customer Forecast


Dear Experts,

I wish to know ABCD's of Customer Forecast Management in APO DP in particular and solutions realization alternatives for making customer a part of demand forecasting process using other applications within SAP ecosystem and non-SAP systems too!

Esp in DP I am keen to know the relevant config, principles of solution design, implementation considerations, support and such...possible pitfalls, system use, abuse, experiences etc.

Also let me know is it "fashionable" to implement Customer Forecast Management in APO DP, given everything now is cloud based.

Please presume my ignorance of "techno" speak. I have a vague idea of what I am asking. Purpose is clear. I am pleading my customers to enter forecast live on the internet. Some have obliged. Some are bigger than us in size and bank balance. There can be several ways of doing that. I am looking for cheapest and hassle free way of realizing it with a 5 year vision (the likes they run Govt. in socialist republics)

Assume a company selling colas and chips of myriad kinds to 1000 customers... some buying once in a blue moon. some stocking it for eternity.. some penalizing us for being wrong by a case or an hour.