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Jul 17, 2013 at 03:14 PM

CRM Pricing and scales


Hi all,

I have a question regarding pricing with scales. I would like to express the following:

0€ - 10,000€ => Group 1

10,001€ - 20,000€ => Group 2

20,001€ - 30,000€ => Group 3


i.e., I want to classify the entered net value (the group are then used in further pricing steps).

My idea was to use a one-dimensional scale with the base type "Net Value". As I see no way to just assign a (group) number, I tried to use points to emulate the group numbers 1 to 3. However, when maintaing the conditions, I can enter the net values but the point value is always 1 and I cannot change it.

I guess I'm missing some fundamental point here. I would really glad if someone could offer some insight.

Best regards,