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Jul 17, 2013 at 02:23 PM

CreateInstance Error in PB 12.5.2 & Easerver 6.3.1 : 50 Distributed service error



I have migrated a PB 10.5 client server application to PB 12.5.2 and deployed all the server components to fresh Easerver 6.3.1installation successfully.

Now when I am trying to run the application I am getting the error as 50 Distributed service error when the Createinstance is being called. I can not get PowerBuilder 12.5.2 to create instances of easerver components.

The same code works perfectly in PB 10.5

As a solution suggested earlier in this forum I have also installed the PBVM 12.5 in easerver installation folder to deploy the easerver components and can see the PBVM115.DLL and PBVM125.DLL available to support the application to run in the latest PB, but didn't find any solution for it. Let me know if any one have come through such issue earlier and and found any resolution for it.

Here is the sample code that runs when the application tries to login into the application screen. The connections to the server are fine and when it tries to create the instance of the easerver component object(n_accesscontrol) the distributed server error pops.

Sample Code:

n_accesscontrol lnv_accesscontrol

ll_ret = g_connection.CreateInstance( lnv_accesscontrol,"accesscontrol/n_accesscontrol" )

if ( ll_ret <> 0 ) then

l_login.status = 0

l_fe = create n_fatal_ex

l_fe.setmessage( "CreateInstance (n_accesscontrol) error " + string( ll_ret ) )

throw l_fe

end if