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Jul 17, 2013 at 09:06 AM

pcl1 cluster data issue


hello all,

there an import statement in standard transaction as

IMPORT cardholder TO gt_cardholder

card_account TO gt_db_card_account

FROM DATABASE pcl1(tv) ID gs_vcf4_cluster_key.

in dev there are 221 records but in quality there is only one record in pcl1 table.

the first thing i want to know is how/when data will be stored in pcl1 table.

when the above import statement is executed the itab gt_db_card_account got 305 records in dev but only 12 in quality.

so how is data retreived from pcl1 to itab using that import?

please explaind how can i read pcl1-clustd field?

thanks in advance