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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:26 AM

Conversion of material


Hi Experts

We have a CR Sheet 1*1000*1500 MM having item code ABCD

This size is part of BOM for Finish code item code XYZ123

But due to non avalability of this material we will use another sheet which is CR Sheet 1*1200*1500 mm. having item code EFGH To use it we have to doe one shering operation to remove the extra sheet size . It will create some scrap also and will consume manhour, m/c hour and some other overheads.

Now after operation if i convert 1000 kg sheet situation will be.

Sheet EFGH will be reduced 1000 kg from stock and sheet size ABCD will increase 900 kg and 100 kg scrap will be genrated.

By which process i can complete this process so that it can reduce sheet EFGH 1000 kg from stock and will increase sheet ABCD 900 kg and scrap 100 kg.I want to capture other overhead expences also.


Parkash Chand