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Jul 16, 2013 at 06:34 PM

Bex Query Filter on Navigational Attribute of Compound Characteristic



I have a requirement to filter on a navigational attribute of a compnd characteristic in BEX BW 7.3.1 SP7. I have found many posts on this topic but the solution evades me and I am hopeful that you can help what I have overlooked. Perhaps this is not possible with compound characteristics?

Thanks for your help!

Lee Lewis

  1. The info object is 0MAT_PLANT and the attribute 0DISMM is marked as navigational in RSD1
  2. 0DISMM is present as nav attribute in the infocube and multiprovider with the On/Off Checked
  3. In Bex Query Designer, the nav attribute 0DISMM is visible under the dimension and characteristic Material Plant View
  4. I want to filter on 0DISMM where value is Z1, but when I try to drag the nav attribute to the restriction or filtered values, the characteristic Material Plant View is added.
  5. When I try to restrict values on characteristic Material Plant View, the nav attribute is not displayed, only the keys Material Plant View
  6. I tried to create a variable on characteristic Material Plant View, but again unable to restrict on a nav attribute.
  7. I dropped and reloaded the cube, and checked for attribute change run required (it was not)

I am able to add the nav attribute to the right of the characteristic Material Plant View, and the user can sort on it, but they cannot filter on it. However, the requirement is to set a characteristic restriction on the nav attribute in the query designer.


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