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Configuration for Batch management for goods issue 261 in FIFO manner

Hi SAP Gurus,

I want know what is configuration settings for batch management from MM and PP side?

I want goods issue in FIFO manner as per SLED of material in MB1A -261?

What should be the configuration setting for it?

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3 Answers

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    Jul 17, 2013 at 04:03 AM

    Hi ,

    Please proceed as given bellow.


    1. Material Should be Batch Managed(View:Purchase) & SLED maintained (View:PlantData/Stor.1).

    2. Search Procedure(ME0001) assigned on MovType:261(Check TCode: OMCG)


    1. Create Class(Type: 023) & assign SLED characteristic(LOBM-VFDAT)

    2. Assign the same class in MM.(View: Classification)

    3. Creation of a Sort Rule/Sequence(CU70)

    i: Assign the characteristic LOBM-VFDAT.

    ii: Mark as Ascending

    4. Creation of Batch Search Strategy(MBC1)

    i: Select Strategy type: ME01(MovType/Plnt/MatlNo.)

    ii: Choose Key: MovType & Plant (Can select alternative combination as per required)

    iii: Give MovType: 261, Plant: <As required>

    iv: Select the line item, Click Selection criteria & assign the designed class as designed in config step-1.

    v: Select the line item, Click Sort & assign the sort rule as designed in config step-3.

    Save & Back.


    1. Do GR with different Manuf.Dates.

    Note: As soon as the date of manufacture is entered, the system automatically calculates the Shelf Life

    Exp. Date. (Check details in MSC3N)

    2. During issue using 261, Give * in Batch, it'll choose Batch(s) as per SLED.


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    Former Member
    Jul 17, 2013 at 02:24 AM

    Hi Priti,

    It is required lot of set up both in production order parameters and Batch Management .I am providing you a summery of it .

    Configuration Required for your above issue are as follows :

    1.Activated Batch Management in the Material Master-MRP2 view and Work Scheduling view of the FG

    2.check material master MM02, tab MRP2 and set field "Batch Entry" to value 3 here

    4.You maintain a Search Procedure in OPL8 - Order Type Dependent parameters .Before that you should have Batch serach strategy :The sequence of steps are as follows -

    Create Condition Tables

    Create Access Sequences

    Create Strategy Types

    Batch Search procedure definition

    Batch Search procedure allocation and check activation

    Define Selection classes

    Define sort rules

    Maintain Batch Allocation Strategy Number Ranges

    All the above are available in the Path - SPRO --->Logistics-General ---> Batch Management ---> Batch Determination and Batch Check

    5.Maintain the setting in T.code OPKP (production scheduling profile). Select automatic batch creation on order creation.

    6.If u want to execute the batch determination for components in the component overview of production order , then u have to create batch search strategy at COB1

    7.If u want to execute during order confirmation u have to create batch search strategy at MBC1.

    Refer the below link for your farther reference :

    Hope this will be useful



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    Former Member
    Jul 17, 2013 at 06:52 AM

    Batch management is different from batch determination.

    First, you should check if your materials are properly batch managed (in material master and SPRO settings).

    Then you can activate batch determination using steps given by users above.

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