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Jul 16, 2013 at 05:30 PM

Issue on Clearing Vendor Open Items - F-44 - Part 2


Dear Experts!

In my last discussion ( ) my problem was that vendors Items were not shown in F-44.

The problem was that items were with "Reversal Flag" flagged in BKPF. I did a LSMW program and I'll perform the same soon.

The solution was in the note "SAP Note 136754 - F-03, F-32, F-44, F-28 missing open items"

"5. BKPF-XSTOV <> space. The document was flagged for reversal. Only if you cancel the reversal flag, can you clear the document again. You can do this by removing the planned date for the reverse posting (BKPF-STODT) in the document header using Transaction FB02 (Change document)."

Now the problem is that the F-44 doesn't clear the vendor:

When I save (Post) seems like everything works fine.

After click the number of the document is shown:

Closing this dialog the number of the document created is shown:

When I try to see the document, It doesn't exists: 🤯

Thanks and Best Regards!


error.png (6.3 kB)
document.png (7.3 kB)
fb03.png (6.9 kB)
error.png (1.7 kB)