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Automatic generation of WM-TR starting by Production Order release

Hi Gurus,

in our scenario we have set up the link between PP and WM using the PSA management.

The field "WM Request" is filled up with the X - "Only creation of transfer requirements on release" value.

In the case that the Production Order is structured as reported above...

Operation 0010:

- Component A

- Component B

Operation 0020:

- Component C

...the system generate 2 TR. The first one for the components A&B and the second one for the component C.

Which is the logic of TR grouping? 1 for each Operation of the Production Order?
Is possibile, by SAP standard, to change this grouping logics? Like 1 TR for each component mantained in the BOM?

Thanks in advance,


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4 Answers

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    Jul 17, 2013 at 02:52 AM

    Hi Marco,

    Transfer Requirements gets created on release of Production Order or Operation. System creates the TR based on the requirement date from the Production Order. So in the scenario which you described above system is creating separate TR for each operation as both of those operations must be scheduled in different dates. Try running a scenario by creating production order with multiple operations scheduled on the same day. System should create one TR for all those operations.

    Coming to the requirement of creating separate TR for each material, just trying to understand what is the business driver for creating separate TR for each item? Is it to enable creation of separate transfer order for each pick? If that is the requirement, you can still allow the creation of one TR for group of materials as it is doing today and split the creation of Transfer Orders to create one TO for each pick by configuration in the 'Processing Performance Data / TO Split' configuration node.

    Hope this helps



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  • Jul 17, 2013 at 06:26 AM

    Hi Marco,

    In your case the TR did split based on the operations but to my knowledge there is no specific configuration that would help to split TR's . However if you want to split the TO for each line item(creating new TO for each line item) while processing the TR you can make the required configuration on this node in spro - LE - Warehouse management-Activities-Transfers-Define split profiles.

    Here in the following nodes you do the following

    Profile for performance data - Create a profile for performance data

    Profile for Transfer Order Splitting -   link the profile with TO split criteria.You can specify weight ,volume of each pallet to be considered for splitting.Also the weight , volume fields could be kept blank if not required.

    Sort profile for TO splitting- Create sort order for TO splitting. You can specify TO splits on criteria like bin or quant by specifying the respective fields . The system will look for the splitting criteria in the sequence of the specified fields.

    Finally in Control for Performance Data Processing /Define TOP split you can align the  Performance data profile and TO split profile and specify the source and destination storage types along with the movement type to control which TO's will be split . In you case of TO for production orders this could be controlled by giving movement 319 and source st.type ***  and destination st.type 100 so that other TO's in the warehouse are not affected by this configuration and only production TO are split.

    Hope this helps.



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    Apr 19, 2014 at 07:26 AM

    Hi Marco,

    If you don't solve the problem with standard config, and I think you might not make it,
    the solution can be easily done with as low as 10 lines of code in a user exit for custom
    TO split, if that's what you're looking for.

    The include is ZXLTOU18, and you need to influence the pool table like this:
    MODIFY t_ltap_vb TRANSPORTING reihf pooln.

    But first you need to assign different reihf to evey item in t_ltap_vb which contains
    all the line items.

    E.g. item 1 - t_ltap_vb-pooln = 1.
    Item 2 - t_ltap_vb-pooln = 2.

    Item n - t_ltap_vb-pooln = N.

    In the end you just execute the modify command stated above and the system will create different TOs for each item.

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    Apr 15, 2014 at 04:20 PM

    Hi Marco,

    How do you trigger your TR creation? Is it an automatic process or is it through LP10 or some WM materials staging?

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    • Former Member

      Hi Ludovic,

      in our scenario is an automatic process. The LP10 transaction is used just in case the User need to "force" the material staging due to any system error that maybe occur.

      The customizing done in order to make this process automatic is:

      • SPRO-Logistics Execution-Warehouse Management-Interfaces-Define Production

                Production Supply Area: defined one global supply area. We have also mantained this data into the Work Center Master Data related field.

                Obviously the Work Center is mantained into the Production Order Operation.        

                Under the "Define Control Data" tab for the "Production View - PP" we have filled, for each Production Schedule Profile, the "Transport" tab as           detailed:

      • Complete Transfer Requirement = blank
      • Confirmed Quantity for TR = X (we need to have TR created only for the quantity confirmed by the Availability Check)
      • WM Request = X - Only creation of transfer requirements on release
      • GI via Delivery = space

      We convert the TR created during this process into a TO using the LB10 transaction.

      Hope this could be useful.