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Former Member
Jul 16, 2013 at 08:53 AM

WIP values update in ML


Hi All,

I have a production order for which GI is done completely
but GR is done is partially. That means production order is not complete, its in
WIP stage. Hence no TECO/DEL status.

Hence at month end we run the WIP and then settlement of
Production order. Now the accounting entries are OK. No ML document gets

But my question is whether this WIP values (Let say GI = 100
and GR = 20, hence WIP= 80) will not get updated in Material Ledger?. In my case it is not showing.

I am in doubt whether it should show or not. If yes, it
should show, then what configuration I might be missing or what is the issue
here that it is not showing.

Then in this case how ML takes care of WIP values for Actual cost calculation of FG.

Kindly help.