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Jul 15, 2013 at 04:29 PM

Profiler says 'Profiling source datastore is not defined'



I have a profiler repository configured and it is connected to a jobserver.

When I logon to Designer, the icon on the status bar suggests that the profiler is up and running, I also see the profiler server name on the status bar in Designer.

However, when I execute a profiling request, nothing appears to happen (in Designer). I then check in the admin console, where the following message is displayed:

"Profiling source datastore is not defined."

I can run a job and extract data from the source I want to profile (a SAP BW table).

I can also see the data in preview mode in Designer.

There are no further error messages or details.

The Data Services version is 4.1 SP01 patch 4.

Any suggestions much appreciated.