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Jul 15, 2013 at 08:49 AM

capacity in Work center scheduling


Hi All,

We have a work center which have applicable for both "Machine" capacity as well as "Labor" capacity i.e the operation which is use this work center needed both machine activity as well as labor activity. So we have created work center category as "0001 machine", and maintain both capacity like machine and labor in capacity view. In Machine(001) capacity's processing formula we have to maintain for machine requirements, and in Person(002) capacity's processing formula we have to maintain for Labor requirements. But in scheduling we can have only one capacity category. If we maintained only for machine category, if we run MRP based on Lead time scheduling how system will consider the labor requirement. How we can maintain "Labor time" formula in scheduling tab? If scheduling is only possible for one capacity category in Work center then what is the need of two capacity category in capacity tab. Please clarify.