F110- Email not generating to the Vendor Email address

Jan 11, 2017 at 10:24 AM


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Hello All,

We are facing problem to generating the Email to the vendor email address once the vendor payment is done, and we actually followed our experts forum steps, but we still facing the same, and the payment medium program is "RFFOUS_C" Anyone can guide me to resolve this.

The steps what i have followed is given below:-

1. T.Code- BERP

2. Function Module: SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040


4. FBZP (All configurations done)


6. FK02/XK02 (maintained the Vendor email address)

After done all the above we can get the payment advice only in PDF, but this payment advice is not automatically going to the vendor mail ID what i have maintained in the vendor master.

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Please check there might be user exit or Z table maintained in the system, while using this function module many people maintain entries in Z table or TVARVC table.


Hi Pankaj Patil,

Actually BTE is the rite option for this i hope, the same has been activated via tcode FIBF and by copying the program SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002040 into a Z pgm in SE37 and making the proper settings in FIBF accordingly with help of ABAPer. Now this program is not being called while performing payment (we have set breakpoint/update breakpoint but it is not being called). Actually we feel in FBZP the setting to call the program containing this function module has not been set properly can you explain those steps.


Hi Arul,

The process is correct but may be there are some Z functionality which cause this issue.

Please check with your technical team and debug it, there must be some user exit or Z function module involved.

We also follow the same process but we have maintained company codes in Z table.

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1 Answer

Sarah Cullingworth Jan 11, 2017 at 11:14 AM

In our system, payment (remittance) advice is e-mailed to the clerk's internet address on the correspodence accounting screen (LFB1-INTAD) and not what is in the vendor e-mail field on the address screen.

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