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Jul 12, 2013 at 01:58 PM

Check Not a Batch Input Session While Doing LSMW Recording


Hi ,

I have to do a transaction recording for 0VTC and 0VRF for Freight Routes data Conversion.

When I try recording thro' SHDB the recording screens appear totally different. The tree structure in the left , say the nodes for Routes, Route stages, transportation Connections in case of 0VTC disappears. Similar issue with 0VRF.

But when I check the Check Not a Batch Input Session While Doing LSMW Recording, the transaction appears normal. Please suggest is it the right way to do. Will the recording behave the same way when I do a record this way.?

And when I try creating an entry in 0VTC, 0VRF each time I was asked a customising request. Is it advisable to follow lsmw thro' recording approach for this conversion.

Please give your suggestions if freight route conversions can be done thro' other approaches namely BAPI, Idoc.