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Jul 12, 2013 at 06:30 AM

MRP weekly planning



I have a requirement.

I have created Demand for the FG which has Raw material X.

My demand for FG is monthly demand say March -100 no's, April- 200 no's.

After MRP run the dependent rquirement created for RM X.

Assume my proportion of RM is 1kg to produce 1 FG. So after MRP run based on the lead time the PR has been cretaed for RM - X on feb 15th for 100 kg and March 15th for 200 kg.

Since my main FG demand is monthly demand the components procurement proposal is created for the total demand quantity like 100 kg as one PR and 200 kg as one PR. But my requirement is that the MRP run should split the Dependent demands quantity in to weekly demand and then it needs to create PR for each.

For eg. In this case the dependent requirement for RM - X is 100kg for march month. so the MRP should split this 100 as 1 week- 20kg , 2nd week - 30 kg, 3rd week- 10 kg and 4th week - 40 kg. So effectively the MRP run should give me 4 PR's with different delivery date.

As far as i know this can only happen if the Main FG has weekly demand instead monthly demand or else the RM itself should have the Independent demand with weekly slots.

Is there any other option available in SAP to adhere this requirement.

Kindly throw some lights.