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Jul 12, 2013 at 03:12 AM

Sessions remaining active in CMC



We are using WebIntelligent and Explorer in BI 4.0. We have a combination of named and concurred users licenses and we use AD single sign on to log into both clients. Some users also have Enterprise alias to log in, as for example the administrators of the system.

Another thing to notice is that when we are working with Web Intelligent it tells us that the session has time out as I would normally expect. However, although we have a timeout set up for when working with Web Intelligent, I have noticed that the sessions remain in the system after the user stop using it. It happens with both Enterprise and AD log in.

1) With Enterprise: I have included an attachment. This is my user and I am an administrator of the system, I appear with 5 sessions although I am only log in once. In this case, the log in is using Enterprise authentication.

2) If I log in with SSO AD and close the windows without log out, and then log in again, the first session remains in the system for a long time.

I have seen the option "Windows SSPI Configuration" Single Sign-On Expiry (seconds):" in WebIntelligence and CMC servers properties but I am not sure if that is what I need to change and also I would still need to correct for Enterprise log ins.

Could you please let me know which parameters do we have to change?

Thanks in advance,



CMC Sessions.JPG (42.6 kB)