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Jul 11, 2013 at 05:53 PM

Error in Dispute case write off in FSCM


Hello experts

We have Dispute management in FSCM and i have configured for UDM_AUTOWRITEOFF in Edit settings. I gave a GL Account which it is should be written off to based on reason code for each company code. In Case id i have maintained relevant Escalation reason code and Reason code both. After that i ran UDM_AUTOWRITEOFF for dispute case.

I was expecting it should write off as

Dr GL account given in config

Cr Customer account

But somehow system is throwing a error as "Account 103XXXXXX in company code 1000 cannot be directly posted to". The account which is showing here is a Recon account belongs to the customer. I am not sure why recon account is getting picked up for writing?

I have simulated the same for different customer (which has different recon account ) and it gives the same error with new recon account.

Any idea why system is picking up recon account for write off instead of customer?

Thanks in advance