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Jul 11, 2013 at 03:26 PM

Using two or more variables 7.5 NW


Hi all! We are working with SAP BPC 7.5 NW We have a script logic where using two variables, the code is like this: *SELECT (%FUEL%,"[ID]","ACCOUNTL","[ALLOCATION]='GENERAL' AND [AR]='AR1'") *XDIM_MEMBERSET ACCOUNTL= %FUEL%,FH000000 *XDIM_MEMBERSET AIRCRAFT = BAS(A00000) *XDIM_MEMBERSET BASE = L99999 *XDIM_MEMBERSET Category = ACTUAL *XDIM_MEMBERSET CECO = BAS(CE_TOTAL) *XDIM_MEMBERSET CGROUPS = LC *XDIM_MEMBERSET CONTRACT = BAS(C_TOTAL) *XDIM_MEMBERSET DATASRC = DSA99 *XDIM_MEMBERSET INTCOL = I_NONE *XDIM_MEMBERSET LEGALENTITY = *XDIM_MEMBERSET Time = %Time_SET% *WHEN ACCOUNTL *IS "FH000000" *WHEN AIRCRAFT *IS * *WHEN CONTRACT *IS <> "NO_CONTRACT" *REC(FACTOR=1, CONTRACT="DUMMY") *ENDWHEN *ENDWHEN *ENDWHEN *WHEN ACCOUNTL *IS "FH000000" *WHEN AIRCRAFT *IS * *WHEN CONTRACT *IS <>"NO_CONTRACT" *REC(EXPRESSION=(-([ACCOUNTL].[%FUEL%], [CONTRACT].NO_CONTRACT]))*%VALUE%/([CONTRACT].DUMMY]),ACCOUNTL="%FUEL%",DATASRC="DSA015") *ENDWHEN *ENDWHEN *ENDWHEN *COMMIT The objective is to estimate a weight and multiplying by a ratio. I dont have any error in the administration panenl, but I run the story logic package I get the following error ... RUN_LOGIC:Unknown Dimension Name in Keyword: "60210001: This account has the property than we have in the select. It is posible that I can not use two variables at once? thanks