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Jul 11, 2013 at 11:38 AM

Dynamically calculated columns on HANA tables



I had calculated attributes in my attribute view. I didn't want to do that in the cal.view for various reasons (e.g. to ensure every view that uses the attributes also uses the same calculation).

For performance reasons it was suggested to alter the table and add a dynamic column.

ALTER TABLE "<your_schema>"."<your_dimension_table>" add ( <calculated_attribute_name> varchar GENERATED ALWAYS AS (<formula>));

I haven't found a lot of documentation on that feature so maybe you can help clarifying for me:

  1. our tables come from ERP via SLT. Do I assume correct that synchronization will not be negatively impacted as such dynamic columns are not physically stored?
  2. will such calculations really be faster than doing it in the attribute view? ... (would also be nice to briefly understand why)
  3. Do I assume correct that I can use these columns like any column (e.g. for joins)?

thanks much