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Jul 11, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Question on program RC1SDAPL



When I try and create a delivery output for MSDS, I get the error message:

An error has occurred. For more information, start the report RC1SDAPL

a) What does this error indicate?

b) What steps do I need to take with respect to configuration to avoid this error?

c) Also, the MSDS does not appear in CVD1. What could be the potential reasons?

d) Does RC1SDAPL have anything to do with WWI or CVD1?

e) what is the difference between CG56/CG54 and CVD1?

f) When we upload an external MSDS in pdf format using CG36VEN, will this MSDS appear in CVD1 for printing without the WWI server?

g) Any thoughts on how the MSDS can be printed along with the Delivery note... we are looking at a scenario where msds is from legacy, but has to be interfaced with sap to be printed along with the delivery note, without using WWI.. we are assuming that the cover sheet and acknowledgement will also be provided by the legacy system..

Much appreciate your help and inputs..

Thank you..