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Jul 11, 2013 at 06:21 AM

ADRC table getting updated sometimes when changing the delivery address in ME23N


Hi Experts,

I have a strange problem when using ME23N transaction . If you go the Item Tab and click on the Delivery Address Tab , there you can find the respective delivery address with address number mentioned in it. Sometimes when we try to change the delivery address and save it , the ADRC table will be getting updated with a new record and address group as ME02 . But sometimes it happens like when we change the address and save it ,it directly updates the ADRC table Master Address with address group ME01. Actually it shouldn't allow it to change. The only way to change this Master Address is by using MEAN transaction. But this weird behavior is not understandable and it occurs often. The purchase order triggers NEU output type with Print output and EDI as medium. The problem occurs when we trigger NEU with Print output as medium.Please suggest if you have any idea on this.

Best Regards,