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Former Member
Sep 14, 2005 at 11:05 AM

Overlapping problem while processing inbound Idocs


We are receiving the inbound IDOCs with a delay of 1 second.

We have a validation on Duplicate PO in the User-Exit of inbound function module with the data in the database.We put a sleep time of 5 seconds also. But it is not working.

We do not want the validation for duplicate PO number at the Sales Order type configuration setup. Because it will effect Sales orders which are created through Online also.

We are using Trigger immediately in partner profiles of all customers.

When we change the option to processing by background program, how it will process one IDOC at a time. Because when we put Trigger Immediately, then also RBDAPP01 program will be triggered.

Could anybody tell me how the program RBDAPP01 is called, in both the cases Trigger Immediately and Trigger by background program.How does the Trigger by Background program will solve the overlapping problem?