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Jul 10, 2013 at 10:12 PM

Talent Group Nominations


Hello Experts,

Have a question regarding the talent group nominations in the assessments vs the Talent Review Meetings (Talent Mgmt and Development Ehp6).

Via MSS an employee is nominated for a Talent Group "Developer"- stauts shows as Developer (Nominated)

Talent Review Meeting is set up where the talent is placed in the calibration grid based on PMP/POT scores.

Talent is moved in the grid to a Critical Talent and the "Save" button is hit and the Approve button is hit. - The icon changed from the Nominated Icon to the "Approved Icon" however when you click on the details the status still says "Nominated".

The TRM status is changed to "Complete". The PMP/POT values update however the Talent Group for the TMS (Talent Information) still shows Nominated. In MSS Talent Info in the Talent Group by the employee it says "Nominated" however in the Talent Overview detail under the employee name the status still says "Nominated".

When does the talent group nomination from the TRM get displayed to the "Approved" status? I know that the TMS can approve Talent Group nominations under the Talent Group functionality however I have the follow-up activity HRTMC_RM_FOLLOWUP_TALENT_GROUP where the

it is supposed to provide the columns Talent Group and Status for the follow-up list and activates the relevant pushbutton however those pushbuttons aren't appearing on the follow-up tab.

Any clarification would be helpful !

Thank you