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EHS - QM interface: test requirements defined on ingretient level

Good morning all,

We are currently investigating the EHS-QM interface.

To our understanding, data in QM is created (material level) based on EHS data is only transferred when these EHS data are maintained on the directly linked specification.

We have however test requirements that originate from the different ingredients.

In the mapping table (CGQM) we can specify a composition VAT, adding specific subid's. This allows us to pass on this ingredient to the inspection plan together with concentration ranges.

If we do not specify a composition in the mapping table, no data are transferred from the ingredient to the inspection plan.

Any suggestions how this may be solved?

Worst case scenario, we have to copy data from the ingredients to the real substance level.

Kind regards,


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jul 10, 2013 at 12:54 PM


    I can't really help you but I'm very curious as to how well this winds up working for you. We tested this a few years back and found it very difficult to utilize. In particular when you try to create plans from EHS only a very small amount of the inspection plan functionality could be utilized.

    We had problems with using sampling procedures and DMR. Customer specs were also not able to be taken into consideration. I believe there were also some cross-plant issues when we did this too but I can't remember.

    It would be really great if you'd be able to write something up in a Blog or a document about the general issues and functionalities you find. Like what are the general guidelines you'd have to live with if you use the EHS-QM interface? What are the general benefits you get? What maintenance is required over the long term. What do we lose on the QM side that we can't use. etc.. etc..


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    • Dear Luk

      thanks for your explanations. As mentioned: I haven't had the chance to deal with EHS / QM interface in reality; it is more based on analysis of the interface.

      Let's come back to your topics:

      * based on the ingredients, we want to check for content, how much of the chemical is present in the material

      => this type of analysis is done often; there are different levels of interest: e.g.

      a.) you can be interested in the amount of water in the material

      b.) you are interested in the amount of lead 2+, chrome 6+ etc. i

      c:) you are interested in total amount of phospor, nitrogen etc. (this is sometimes called "summerized value")

      Not all of that is maintained in EHS in VATs of type "C"; sometimes "A" is used.

      But let us asssume it would be a VAT of type C and we have a spec id "X" saying that there is lead with 10 ppm, => I stilöl have doubt that there is a conversion possible for that in QM interface. You need to convert the e.g. "identifier" to a phrase related to a characteristic and you need a second characteristic to deal with the amount

      Am am sorry. I do not have any experience in SAP QM. But is clear that it would be a great help to get data from EHS into the QM plan; as mentioned; I have some doubts about the QM interface. According to my understanding you need to maintain may plants as validity areas (as the QM plan ist pant oriented) You can not specify like "PUBLIC / REG_WORLD" and the value is valid for any plan

      My proposal would still be to use one of the available "user exits" to get the demand done. The main "issues" is the "mapping" and conversion in any case.

      E..g let's assume simple example. In QM you would like to test density, flashpoint, viscosity. Now EHS uses a number of characteristic to deal with that.

      First step could be that you define per "VAT" a "default usahge (e.g. PUBLIC / REG_WOLRD); to read the data; now if more than one data record is present you get a "warning" et.c ( i have no idea how in QM three different values of density would be handled (tenmp: 15 °C , 20 °C etc.); Normally only one value is of interest. Now you can read the data and transfer it to QM plan.

      How to deal with VAts of type "C"?. Here my suggesiotn would be: we need a "special" usage and a special data maintenance. E.g. we could define a rating "QM"; the in property "Standard composition" you would define one data record with "QM/RE_G_WORLD" Now by standard techniques you would read the data record. Now you need a "mapping" algorithm. One "stupid idea could be:

      read iv there is average, min, max value; read form spec id used on identifier; now create a new phrase on the fly and use this phrase to populate the characteristic as part of QM plan.#

      E.G. you have defined a value like:

      Average Min Max UOM Spec ID

      10 5 15 Mass% X (represint e.g. "Water")

      Now you could (as with DG) generate a phrase like:

      "Min 5, Average 10; Max 15 % of water " and populate the characteristic with this phrase

      Now you have a "value" which could be checked in QM

      Hope you will find a solution


      PS: based on discussion in a diffrent thread I found this nice link: