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Jul 10, 2013 at 07:43 AM

Automatic registration with HWC



I'm trying to make automatic registration of HWC on my SMP 2.3.1 with no results.

In SCC I've the predefined application connection template for HWC that is mapped to admin Security Configuration. If I enable automatic registration for this template, I can register automatically (with password) my HWC using supAdmin credentials.

I've created another security configuration (SAPMobileUsers) that allows every user to connect (NoSecLogin).

I've created another application connection template for HWC app id, mapped to SAPMobileUSers sec. conf. and enabled for automatic registration.

I've assigned the correct priority to templates (template for sec. conf. SAPMobileUSers has priority 1 and template for admin sec. conf. has priority 2) and disabled automatic registration for template mapped to admin sec. conf.

This is my application connection template (see attachment, image1).

This is HWC application connection template (see attachment, image2).

This is HWC - SOE application connection template (see attachment, image3).

The problem is that when I try to connect my HWC (2.2.2 on iPad or 2.3 on Android) on automatic mode, I've an error, because HWC cannot find a template mapped to the application ID or Security configuration.

Maybe only ONE application connection template can exist for an HWC application?

How can I modify the predefined app. conn. template for HWC mapped to admin sec. conf. to map it to SAPMobileUsers sec. conf.?

Any ideas?




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image2.JPG (47.9 kB)
image1.JPG (44.9 kB)