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Jul 10, 2013 at 07:20 AM

How To Table_Comparison with SAP BW Target


Hi everyone,

hope you are fine!

I am very new to BODS and do not understand how to use Table_comparison with a SAP BW Target DataStore - if this is possible at all?

We are on SAP BW 7.3 and BODS 4.1.

Source in this scenario is Oracle View.

I saw a lot tutorials how table_comparison works, but how this will be achieve when you have an Oracle view as a source and a SAP BW as a target.

What I did and works is.

- I have created a Job in BODS Designer populating the values from Oracle view to SAP BW

- I am only able to start the Job from SAP BW using an InfoPackage in Full mode, which I have created manually.

- if I start the job from BODS Designer I am receiving errors - maybe not sufficient rights.

But now I would like to implement a Delta. Therefore I am using the table_comparison.

So the steps would be then:

- Run the init job - so full into SAP BW

- adjust this job and implement the table_comparison

- create a template table based on the source

- as there is no option to choose the SAP BW target DataStore in the table_comparison

And what next?

Should I leave the SAP BW Target in the dataflow?

Or should it be replaced bye the template table (as target)?

And do I have to create another Job where the template Target is the Source populating into SAP BW target?

And do I have to adjust the InfoPackage on SAP BW side telling it, that you are now Delta?

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, but I would only understand how target_comparison works for SAP BW target?

Thanks very much in advance for your hints.

It is much appreciated.

bye Ömer