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Jul 09, 2013 at 03:10 PM

Down payments with regular Invoice in Advance Payment


My customer wants to have a down payment process but he wants to make a regular invoice instead of the downpayment request for the advance payment, so when I look into the SAP best practices scenario overview 201 it shows that the final invoice is issued for the total amount instead of being made just for the balance left after the down payment.

My question is what would be my best option to resolve this problem: a) use the standard 201 best practice configuartion and add some condition to the price sequence so the final invoice is just for the amount left to be invoiced. b) use milestone billing, althought i dont know how i will handle the material delivery as a milestone. c) create a payment condition like 20% - 0 days rest in 30 days and issue an advanced payment invoice and later an invoice for the rest. Also not sure how to do this.