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Jul 09, 2013 at 12:43 PM

WIP batch with QM inspection



Has anyone successfully implemented QM inspection with WIP batch. I have been trying to integrate but cannot find a way to book WIP batch stock out of Q stock. Below is the process we follow.

  • Assign 05 inspection type to the FERT mtl for whom we created the production order (post to inspection stock is selected in QM view. We DO NOT use reference mtl)
  • Do GR for WIP batch via CO11N and create lot (50000000XXXXX) with Q stock. Here the mvmt type is 521.
  • Record results and via QA11 and try to post the inspection lot stock to unrestricted use or to block stock. Here we get the below stated error message

To unrestricted / Restricted - Movement type 321 does not allow goods movement for WIP batch COWIPB 174

To Blocked - Movement type 350 does not allow goods movement for WIP batch COWIPB 174

Then I created a new stock posting field in the QA11 tcode via configuration as shown below

This allows stock posting and UD completion but the WIP stock gets added back to itself via 521 mvmt type and doubles the Q stock. No posting to unrestricted use or block stock takes place. Can you provide me a mvmt type which can be used to book stock out from Q stock and place it into unrestricted use or to block stock. ? Std SAP has provided just 4 mvmt types 521, 522, 541 and 542 for WIP batches.