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Jul 09, 2013 at 08:35 AM

Proposing the Yield Quantity based on the previous Phase(Yield Quantity) in COR6N



Is there any way to propose the Phase -Yield quantity automatically(not the Order quantity) based on the previous Phase confirmation quantity in T.Code

COR6N? I have searched in the forum regarding this and found multiple opinion.Can someone share the correct answer and solution for the same?

For Example: Order Quantity = 100,

Phase No -0020 - Confirmed Yield = 50

Now when confirming the second phase 0040, the system is proposing the yield quantity as 100 and not 50.(The exact requirement is the system should

not allow to confirm more than 50 quantity for phase 0040).

(In the confirmation parameters for operation sequence the field setting is E - Error When Operation sequence is not adhered to).