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Former Member
Jul 09, 2013 at 08:36 AM

Assigning categories to Service request whose creation date is older then schema creation date


Hi Experts,

The scenario is as explained below:

Suppose, the Service request IDs 100 to 150 were created without categories today. The requirement changes and then after 2 days or so, I create categorization schema and from now on for any service request created I assign categories.

Now, for the IDs 100 to 150 for which categories are not assigned I need to assign them. But through UI it doesn't allow me to assign because the valid from date of categorization schema is post the creation date of Service request IDs. Even when I tried to make development(report), I use standard function module. Hence, it again internally checks for Valid from in Valid from function module. Though the categories are set through the report I used, it doesn't allow me to access the service request ID (for e.g 100) for which I set categories through report because when i try to access 100 it again hits Valid from function module.

I hope I made my requirement clear. Request you to please respond. 😊

There should be a way or no way. I just wanted to confirm it from your end.