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Sep 14, 2005 at 12:13 AM

Safari window resizing error


hello again,

i know this is long but i wanted to get all the info out front. please bear with me.

i also know that SAP doesn't support BSPs on Safari or Mozilla, but the executives here are all on macs and we need to support it. so...

note: this error only occurs with macs on Safari (so far - we don't use any other mac browser). PCs using IE are fine.

when resizing a window that pops up within our BSP we get a BSP error with termination type RABAX_STATE that tells us that a NULL object is being passed within the program.

ST22 reveals that the error occurs within the method PROCESS_CMD_AFTER_VARIABLES of the class CL_RSR_WWW_PAGE. the method process_help_window is called and returns sy-subrc = 0. the subsequest lines have a nice little case statement that handles the errors (when 4, 8, ect...) but when sy-subrc is 0 it tries to set the output and at that point generates the error.

it seems that the method is returning a NULL pointer but still returns sy-subrc =0.

this is very similar to an error i had earlier when my BSP would crash (in safari) if the ENTER key was used when entering data. (IE would ignore the enter key) I solved that by writing a javascript handler for the enter key and using <bsp:findandReplace> to wrap it around the input fields.

i don't think this will work here. has anyone ever seen this issue? does anyone have any ideas? many thanks.