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Jul 08, 2013 at 01:36 PM

sap bi


Hi Gurus,

I have 2 tables 1) is returnable gate pass(RGP) and non returnable gate pass(NRGP) header details table

RGP/NRGP HEADER DETAILS Field name Data type Description MANDT CLNT Client ID of Current User GP_TYPE CHAR Gatepass Type GP_NUMBER CHAR For RGP and NRGP number .INCLUDE STRU Structure For RGP/NRGP INITIATOR_NAME CHAR User Name SOURCE_PLANT CHAR Receiving/Issuing Plant RECEIVER_CODE CHAR Receiver Plant/Vendor Code APPROVAL_STATUS CHAR For approval status of RGP and NRGP address FORM_STATUS CHAR RGP/NRGP Form Status VENDOR_NAME CHAR Name COMP_NAME CHAR Name GP_CREATION_DATE DATS Date on Which Record Was Created LEAVING_DATE DATS Date on which Material is Leaving DELIVERY_DATE DATS Delivery Date LEAVING_TIME TIMS Time of Goods Issue (Local, Relating to a Plant) VEHICLE_NO CHAR Vehicle No TRANSFER_MODE CHAR Mode of transport ATTACHMENT CHAR Attachemnt Document Name EXCISABLE CHAR Is Excisable EXCISE_DETAIL CHAR Excise Detail EXCISE_GP_NO CHAR Excise Registration Number EMAIL_WH CHAR Warehouse Head Email ID EMAIL_FI CHAR Finance Head Email ID REF_DOC_TYPE CHAR Reference Document Type REF_DOC_NO CHAR Reference Document PERSON_NAME CHAR For person name in RGP/NRGP DOC_NUM CHAR Document number APPROVER_NAME CHAR Communication ID/Number APPROVAL_DATE DATS Final Approval Date MJAHR NUMC Material Document Year

2) Table For RGP/ NRGP/Inward/Outward Material (item details table).

Table For RGP/NRGP/Inward/Outward Material(Item details)

FIELD DATA TYPE DESCRIPTION MANDT CLNT Client ID of Current User SL_NO CHAR Serial Number GP_NUMBER CHAR For RGP and NRGP number REF_OBJECT_TYPE CHAR Scenario Type .INCLUDE STRU Structure For RGP/NRGP/Inward/Outward Material MTART CHAR Material Type MATNR CHAR Material Number MEKTS CHAR Material Description (Short Text) APPROVED_QUAN QUAN Scheduled Quantity PENDING_QUAN QUAN Pending Quantity DC_QUANTITY QUAN Issued Quantity MIENS UNIT Base Unit of Measure UNIT_PRICE CURR Net price VALUE CURR Net price EXPTD_R_DATE DATS Goods Receipt End Date REASON CHAR Reason REMARKS CHAR Remarks CONTAINER CHAR No of container BATCH_PO CHAR Batch number/Ref PO

My requirement is

I)Summary of Gatepass

Input Data:-

Plant: 2001

Type : NRGP/ GP


From: 01.6.2013 To 10.06.2013

Out Put

Total no of RGP’s generated during the given period

Statistics as per Status wise i.e InProcess , Approved, Completed, Discarded, Closed.

II) Average time taken for clearing the Gatepass:

Logic: Total time taken for approving gate passes / Total no of gate passes approved

Green colour for < 2Hr

III ) Pending RGP’s Plant wise with Delay details

Logic: RGP’s with status ‘Approved’ and Outward is made

could you please give me urgent reply for above the logics and what is the procedure to get the that type of repots above table are the customized tables