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Jul 08, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Periodic Scheduling of Started Maint. Plans in IP30



If you don't mind, could you provide me a solution for the following issue?

When we implemented SAP ERP in our company, we uploaded the maintenance plans. We could start scheduling all the plans at one time using TCode IP30, but due to inconsistency of the uploaded data we didn't (including start date, and assigned task list to the maintenance plan). For this reason, we decided to start scheduling the plans one by one by using TCode IP10. We have weekly, monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly, and Yearly plans. Complete Confirm indicator is ticked for all plans, so new calls will not be generated unless current call is completed, so I'm executing IP24, then downloading the list to excel, then I'm taking unique maintenance plan numbers. After that, I'm copying these plan numbers to IP30, then I execute. I'm doing this every two or three days.

I could create a variant and a scheduled job for a group of maintenance plans using IP30.

Can you suggest me a solution to maintain periodic job in IP30 to reschedule the maintenance plans that are already started, and whenever we start another plan, it will be scheduled automatically during the periodic job?


Mahmoud Mhanna