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Jul 08, 2013 at 09:02 AM

Reason of rejecting Document and imposing penalty


Dear Leads,

I find my document 'How to edit entry in standard SAP table' is rejected and deleted from forum. Along with this they also deducted 34 points as penalty + addtional 10 Point deduction of that document.

Reson of rejection given that this document has critical information and should not be share with forum.

I checked terms and condtion in SAP and finding there is no rule to not share critical information. And more strage that putting such heavy penalty??

Do Consultant should not have such information??

Can you please advice how SDN consider that any information is critical or not??? As for me all information is critical for example SM30 also allow deletion change of Data, several SAP report also do this. Do Moderator review all post including past post, which they feel have critcal information?

Do such decesion are one moderator decesion or there is some guidelines on which group takes decesion ?? Can we reapeal if we do not agree with such decesion.

I need your guidance to post better document, which can give result of my effort and motivate me.