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Details Only Macro Behaviour during execution at drill down

Dear Experts

I have this situation

KF 1 is copied to KF2 using Macro.. both interactive (save) and background

This macro is "supposed" to execute at lowest level of detail.. because that's what I defined in the macro (and also the level of agg. in the BG job)

Both Key figures have "zero allowed" not checked in the planning area. i.e. they are NOT making a distinction between null and initial values, per SAP


SDP94: I load a selection... some random data.

I drill down on some header char. So I have some char values listed

I NOW make changes to SOME details of KF1 in some bucket. Some are left blank.

I now execute the macro.

I see that BLANKS in KF1 are NOT copied to resp. rows of KF2. Only those with non zero Values in KF1 are copied to KF2 resp. rows. The existing values of KF2 for other drilled down details does NOT change.


SDP94: I load the same random selection above

No drill up and drill downs.

I did NOT make a any change to KF1.. whose total value in the Bucket above in 100

I now execute the same macro

I see KF1 is now copied to KF2.. with blanks and values as expected in KF2 in correspond characteristic values. Existing values of KF2 are all gone.

I expected that case2 will happen irrespective of what level of drill down I am currently in, when I am executing the macro FROM SDP94

Questions :

1) Is this a bug?

if not

2) Does the macro that is supposed to execute at lowest level of detail, change its behavior depending on what drill down situation I am in ?

3) Does making Zero allowed for KF1 have kept results in case1 same as in  case2, current drill down notwithstanding ?

4) SHOULD I set the Macro to execute at "all Planning objects".I know its hard to visualize the business context but you can make suitable assumptions and add the conditions ?

Application: SCM7.0 Eph1

No cryptic developments of any kind.



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    Jul 09, 2013 at 07:18 AM

    1) Currently hard to judge but I don't think it's a bug -- the logic behind such simply macro should already be cleared by SAP.

    2) Yes, though in the macro you set it to be executed at the detailes level, it also depends on the drill down situation in the planning book. Here 'detail level' always means the most detail level in CURRENT planning book, instead of the real detail level to each CVCs. That's to say, the macro will run at aggregated level if you do not perform any drill down in the planning book (in scenario 2).

    3) I don't think 'zero allowed' concerns here.After you make changes in scenario 1, try to perform a save and then run the macro. Does it make any difference?

    4) It's really hard to imagine, because if you set 'all planning objects', macro will also be executed at each aggregated level in scenario 1, and then dirll down will happen according to the calculation type of the key figure.

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