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Jul 06, 2013 at 07:21 PM

diffierence between f110,fbra and f-44


Dear friends,

1.After posting vendor invoice with FB60, I can see open items to the vendor on current GL should be credit tradepayable and debit expense..then I made a automatic payment run (f110). after completion of payment run( with payment method of check), fbl1n shows my open item GL should be debit my tradepayable and credit my cash.. is this should be the end of the flow or I need to do some further steps in SAP once supplier clear the check.

2. I like to to understand process of clear vendor (f-44)..let say..I posted invoice with FB60..should I expect to see open line items in F-44? then what cause the line items in F-44?

3. I posted invoice 123 with fb60..cleared it with clearing document say456..for somehow I need to reverse the clearing doc. 456..I was told to do so..I need to reset the cleared items (FBRA) of 456..the reset generates 789..after reset..I was told to use F-44 to reverse 456 ..but there is no items in F-44 even though there is open item in fbl1n.why?

thanks in advance,