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Jul 05, 2013 at 09:24 PM

HANA Developer Edition SPS6 Status & Roadmap


Status Update: Client and Studio downloads have been updated to SPS6 - get it here. Just a reminder, the Studio for Mac OS-X comes without regi, so XS development will require creative workarounds (you can find those workarounds in the forum). We have also added a download for the SAPUI5 Studio plugin.


Status Update: HANA Developer Edition on AWS and Cloudshare has been updated to SPS6 (Revision 60). PT, KT will follow shortly. Studio and Client can be downloaded directly from the servers, the downloads on the Developer Center will be updated to Revision 60 early next week.

Please note that we changed the default instance type on AWS to m2.2xlarge (34GB RAM) to make sure you have a smooth experience. You can still overwrite the default to m2.xlarge, but don't complain about out of memory exceptions 😉

What else? Updates - we will share update snapshots for AWS and CloudShare early next week. If you operate instances on KT or PT and want to upgrade, please send us an email to


Hi HANA Developers,

Quite a few of you have already asked for availability of HANA SPS6 for developers. And quite a few of you have also faced memory issues with HANA Revision 56, especially on small instances types (less than 32 GB). Well, there is light at the end of the tunnel:

With the just released SPS6, the allocation after startup of the DB is back to ~13GB. For the last few days, we were fighting the over-allocation issue (HANA showing more used memory than was actually available on the system, while OS tools such as free would still show plenty of unused memory) for systems that were upgraded from Rev 56 to Rev 60, but it seems we found a solution.

Starting next week we will roll out

  1. fresh master images for CloudShare, AWS, PT and KT on Revision 60 (SPS6) and following that
  2. update installers for CloudShare and AWS instances
  3. if you are running on PT or KT, you can contact and we will help you with upgrading your instances.


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