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Jul 04, 2013 at 02:45 PM

Performance degradation when Mass printing


Dear Experts,

We experience performance problems when printing data in mass amounts(>250 print copies)

Are there any provisions to overcome the above defects?

I have done research on SCN before coming here and please suggest your thoughts on below ideas.


tells us for Mass printing

A) SAP recommends to use a local access method for performance reasons.

B) To optimize the output speed, deactivate the status query through the host spool system and the print manager.

C) If necessary, deactivate the Delete After Output option that automatically deletes output requests that have been output successfully.

2.Store data in printer cache to avoid sending repeated information's over the network which is the reason for the bottleneck.

3. I have also came to know about HVP(High volume printing) but this solution seems to be more expensive.

I believe there must be workarounds to achieve this within SAP.

Please share your suggestions/views. Your help is highly appreciated.