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Jul 04, 2013 at 12:37 PM

CLOCO and Workflow



am a Workflow consultant by profession.

I wish to understand CLOCO, reason; I came to know that CLOCO could use Workflow(s).

I did search on the net and found that CLOCO uses component "Flow Definition" which has a look and feel of a WF builder (SWDD).

To summarize my question:

a) I wish to know a brief of CLOCO and whether it can use WF templates created thru SWDD

b) what is the difference in the tasks/task list that is referred to in CLOCO with tasks referred in Workflow

c) Can we develop Workflow templates or WF related tasks in Schedule Manager/CLOCO

One good thing happened is that my interest towards CLOCO has increased, irrespective of whether it has Workflows or not 😊 so please reply with best information you have.


Aditya V